Dedication is defined as: “The quality of being devoted or committed to something”. The “something” The Pressley Group has committed this firm to is our client!

When you choose The Pressley Group, you choose more than a company you choose – Quality, Devotion and Commitment.

Our government and political service departments have been successful at getting major legislation passed or amended on the federal, state and local levels of government. Our crisis management and inter-faith divisions are unlike any in the world. We provide exclusive one-on-one services to Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Rabbis, Reverends, Imams and leaders of Inter-faith places of worship.

The motivational speaking and entertainment sections of our company have caused “life changing” events to occur in the lives of many people across the United States. We have taught people self-help methods as well as encouraged them to reach beyond their current circumstances to get the best contract possible.

Our financial services and real estate acquistion divisions have secured housing and rental assistance for families all over the world. Our firm has held numerous Financial Counseling sessions throughout the east coast and midwest regions. We have advised clients on how to create wealth and sustain a revenue stream.

Services Include:

Government Services


Political Services


Crisis Management


InterFaith Development


Motivational Speaking

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Entertainment Services


Financial Services

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Real Estate Acquisition

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