The Pressley Group has over 20 years of experience working with clergy leaders of all faiths.

The services we offer to faith leaders are rarely ever offered by other firms. A few of our services include land acquisitions, contract protection and business negotiation. We understand that there are sometimes conflicts in houses of worship and we take the position that one must understand the position of the clergy leaders first!

Whether you are a Bishop or a Presiding Prelate, Pastor, Rabbi, Reverend, Imam, or Elder; we are here to help.

The Pressley Group understands the dual dynamic which accompanies clergy leadership. In your role, you may be dealing with worshipers one day and bankers the next. One moment you are dealing with people challegnes and producing a financial plan the next moment. Our firm understands your desire to acquire land and houses to provide for the less fortunate but then having to address all issues and concerns in the contract in order to move forward with the acquisition.

The day-to-day effort that it takes to handle the position of clergy leaders will require sound judgment and advice, and it is because of this need that we are here to help make the transition easier and the acquisitions less problematic for the clergy leader.

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