"A problem explored produces a solution waiting to be explained."

In 1981 The Pressley Group was formed based on the guiding principles of Integrity, Perseverance and Faith. These principles have served the company well for over 25 years.

Integrity assures our clients that we will always stand firm and convicted in our representation and belief of all issues we handle for our clients. We are loyal to our clients in all efforts we undertake. We are driven by wisdom and trusted by our clients as a result of our commitment to that effort.

Perseverance has allowed our firm to adhere to a course of action, belief and purpose that has assured our clients that we sincerely subscribe to this credence.

Faith is the substance this firm has relied on since its inception. The representation that we offer as a result of our faith will never lack courage, enthusiasm and conviction. We represent our clients with knowledge, skill and personal attention.

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